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What is NAAC?

  • A value-laden, sustainable educational functioning for cohesive development of students in higher studies requires reinforcement of processed validation, which can become its hallmark.
  • NAAC is such an accreditation for higher education institutions which gives them a quality stature.
  • NAAC accreditation is a symbol of excellence indeed; but the documentation process of procurement of the same is tedious; and that is where NAAC1 comes into action.
  • NAAC1 is the precursor to receive a NAAC accreditation for your institution without any predicaments.
  • NAAC1 makes NAAC documentation process easy and simplified.
The Challenge 2
NAAC 1 – to crack the NAAC
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NAAC 1 – to crack the NAAC

NAAC1 is a unique documentation software that compiles and coordinates all your essential documents with respect to the accreditation process just in few clicks.

Designed and created by a qualified team of NAAC consultants, this software is a tool to complete the voluminous task of organizing documents for the process according to the requirements set by the government.

Implausible features of  NAAC 1

NAAC1 take pride in acclaiming to be the pioneer in documentation software industry,
with such incredible and beneficial outcome-oriented features.

essential documents
Streamlines the essential documents for accreditation.
Simple application
Simple application, easy usage.
data access
Makes data access faster.
consultation facility
Consistent consultation facility.
Unhindered automation.
Unhindered automation.
user friendly
Anywhere, anytime user-friendly.

The Challenge

Arrangement of documents is the real perplexity faced by the
educational institutions when applying for NAAC accreditation.

The seven essential criteria marked by NAAC are mandatory to be reached with complete documents of each. They are:

  •  Curricular Aspects
  •  Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
  •  Research, Consultancy and Extension
  •  Infrastructure and Learning Resources
  •  Student Support and Progression
  •  Governance, Leadership and Management
  •  and Innovations and Best Practices.
iia circle

The process to fathom the consolidation of necessary statistics and particulars to meet these criteria is:

  • Extremely time consuming.
  • Tiring & tedious.
  • Has probability to miss or loose a data
  • May result in wastage of productive time.
  • High chance of mistake or negligence.
  • Involves lot of man-power

The Solution

With NAAC1, the people-dependent functioning shifts to process-dependent operations, making the working smoother and faster with its 360 degree approach.

There are few Key Indicators (KI) designated by the government, which further break down to Metrics. The higher educational institutions need to match the metrics with as high grades a possible to be eligible for the accreditation.

The software helps you in :

  • Saving the documents categorically, making it easy for the next time.
  • Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) an every year process automates and you get automated documentation year after year.
  • Just with one click the entire process is updated and secured.
  • NAAC 1 provides expert consultation in procuring the essential documents.
  • Thorough walk-thorough into the accreditation process is done with the institutions.
  • Multiple consultations are possible.
Assembling Repository:
  • Collating documents to meet the KI.
  • Identifying a missing data.
  • Rectifying the wrongly arranged information.
The Outcome 02
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The Outcome

NAAC1 helps the intuitions through the three stages of collection , documentation and filing.

These three stages are just the beginning — the outcome is much bigger:

  •  Acquiring Higher NAAC Grades by metric requirements.
  • Receiving the prestigious NAAC accreditation

  • Fast gap-analysis to comprehend the status of institution’s performance and strengthen it.

  • Gives new direction to the institutions.

The Benefits

An institution 2

An institution is engaged in multi-faceted aspects of day-to-day managerial functioning. With us, the institution can experience a holistic facilitation of various management related work, apart from NACC 1 tool that helps to arrange records for NAAC accreditation.

We believe in 3

We believe in lending a concrete base to the overall management, collations, co-ordinations, evaluations and functioning of an educational institute; and thus, in integration to NAAC 1, we provide our yet another supremely beneficial tool called NetCampus College Management System.

NetCampus College Management 2

NetCampus College Management System facilitates colleges to meticulously manage their academic and administrative activities and change the overall dynamism of functioning, along with avenues of innovation & growth for all stakeholders involved.

The company SAARCMAST 2

The company SAARCMAST bases its Software and Technology ventures on three pillars – Consulting, Research & Solutions; and surging meticulously through these three, it creates transformative technical tools for other sectors. It aims to bring growth and goodness together for everyone who is involved in the process.

Our solutions 1 2

Our solutions are designed and created by outstanding professionals of the industry. Their enriching expertise and knowledge are brought together to build a reckoning outcome-oriented solution that can add value to our clients.

NAAC 1 in a nutshell

University Profiling

With NAAC one the University centralizes the entire process of profile documentation cost effectively.

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Profiling Content

In the profiling process, every aspect of the University is covered according to the seven criteria put down by NAAC:

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NAAC 1 is a part of net campus. Though NAAC 1can also be taken as stand-alone software, but the integrated system makes the process even faster and efficient.

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